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Community Awareness Raising Session on KECD Approach

February 12th, 2021  •  Category Photo  •  Author: KECD Staff

Community Awareness Raising Session on KECD Approach: On February 2-5, 2021, some KECD’s senior staff traveled to meet with communities in Mu Traw District and hosted two events on ‘Community Awareness Raising’ at Htee Theh Lay village in Dwe Lo township, and Mae Ka Naw village in Bu Tho township. Participants who attended the events were District Education Officers (DEOs), Township Education Officers (TEOs), Village Tract Education Leaders, and School Committee. The events gave an opportunity for participants to raise their questions and concerns, discuss threats and opportunities of the Karen education with KECD staff, and KECD future strategies plans and goals, mission and vision had been shared to participants so that better cooperation and stronger understanding is built between KECD and the communities.