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KECD Situation Part 2

September 28th, 2016  •  Category Video  •  Author: JORSHEE

We haven’t faced big problem we started first year in order to won’t have problem we first arranged and prepared we can experience for that some of teachers have taught and some of teacher will come to teach at school that is first difficulty we are  looking for those who will teach with government some of teacher afraid and horrified then they can’t come to teach here but some of our young people have graduated in refugee they have willingness and participated with us for teaching our teaching run as much as we can, our teaching going well as much  as for first year  I can  say it, second things we have building but haven’t enough yet we should build more building it is expensive to build more building it is difficulty. Other things we accept the students in dormitory to stay and necessary in dormitory for reading. We can arrange for that if the student’s number will increase it is difficult for food, we are not keep doing yet probably it will be difficulty those who know, heard and see about that according to they can support us this is my description.

I attended school in Myanmar and I attended in Karen school is different for us if Myanmar the teachers want lesion will be finished quickly, they don’t want to look student’s situation. When I studied here the teachers try for us in order to we will understand about that and they give a chance to students we studied in Myanmar is very expensive for food and other because the teacher look down the students, some of the students attended the tuition they love them, those students don’t attended the tuition they look down for us when we attended school here the teacher love us as they have a skills and share to us according to we will get more skills we get free stationary.

We got a chance and free after ceasefire in past it were difficulty for travelling if we go anywhere we have to get ticket from villages head or you have to get ticket from them, It is easier for travelling we could stayed here before, most of leader have to stay this place I want to say about that don’t be blame anyone and stayed positive

if we viewed situation in past 2007-2008 we had faced big problem Myanmar Government told us don’t be collect more two people. After at 7:00 PM don’t be leave outside. after ceasefire we got little chance for us but it has not satisfied , as we want impossible. It is a little for us. I think later, is going well we can more cooperation with leader for peace.