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The Kawthoolei Government Board Exam

May 17th, 2024  •  Category Video  •  Author: KECD
The Kawthoolei Government Board Exam has been held since the 2013-2014 academic year. Within the Kawthoolei Education System, the Grade 12 exam is managed directly by the KECD central office, which dispatches exam papers to high schools across each district to ensure simultaneous administration. Security measures, carefully coordinated with district and township officials, are in place to prevent leaks and guarantee the safe arrival of exam papers at the exam halls. All schools are provided with the necessary rules and guidelines for the exam.
Despite ongoing conflict, all seven districts participated in this year’s Kawthoolei Government Board Exam, which was successfully conducted despite the daily sounds of artillery from the SAC base camp. The Karen Education and Culture Department (KECD), overseeing 1,467 Basic Education schools and 11 junior colleges across Kawthoolei, ensures educational services for the region. This academic year, 120 schools and 2,333 students participated in the exam. Grade 12 graduates have the opportunity to further their education in Junior Colleges established by KECD and registered Semiprivate Higher Education Institutions.