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Dissemination of KECD Monthly Newsletter – August Edition

September 27th, 2023  •  Category News  •  Author: JORSHEE

We are pleased to present the August edition of the Karen Education and Community Development (KECD) monthly newsletter. This month’s newsletter features a notable speech delivered by our esteemed Department Head, Mr. P’Doh Saw Law Eh Moo. Mr. P’Doh Saw Law Eh Moo addressed the challenges and achievements in Karen education, providing valuable insights into our department’s initiatives.

In addition, we are delighted to highlight the exceptional accomplishments of one of our distinguished education leaders, Tharamu Naw Hay Thi Dew. Tharamu Naw Hay Thi Dew was honored with the prestigious Phan Foundation Award in recognition of her outstanding leadership at Hto Lwe Wah High School and Junior College, located in the Taw Oo District. Her remarkable contributions have significantly advanced educational outcomes within our community.

Furthermore, our newsletter includes comprehensive coverage of departmental activities and other noteworthy developments, offering readers a comprehensive overview of our ongoing initiatives and engagement within the community.

We invite you to peruse the attached newsletter to gain deeper insights into the latest developments within KECD. Your continued support and interest in our mission are greatly appreciated.


Please download : Aug KECD Newsletter